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A Super Moon and a New Start

A Super Moon and a New Start

So yeah, I sort of dropped the blogging ball.  Again.

I get spooked sometimes, writer-wise.  Give me an internal communications message to hammer out and I’m good.  Ghost-write an e-book?  No problem.  But this heart-sharing blogging thing has me…

But it’s the thing I keep returning to, this writing, though my days of “hammering out communications” are long gone.  Instead, my days consist of bleary-eyed mornings and coffee and tending chickens and housework and Latin lessons (!?!?) and cooking and laundry.

My life has transformed during the last half-decade, but I must still have something to say, because here I am again.

So instead of trying to force this blog to be something it’s not, I’m going to try a little challenge.  I’m just going to come back here every day and let the words fall onto the page.

There’s a Super Moon tonight, a white disc illuminating my bedroom curtains.  A quiche bakes in the oven, sending rich scents of cheddar, kale and farm-fresh eggs wafting through the house.  The kids are gathered with friends around a board game, Labyrinth, I think.  They get to stay up late because we have next week off (a homeschooling perk).

All feels right and good.  I am blessed.

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