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About the Author

I’m Julie.  For years I wrestled with this blog thing.  Pored over articles entitled How to Build The Best-Ever Blog in 76 Easy Steps.  I searched for a creative niche.  Cooking?  Fashion?  Gardening? Basket weaving?


Only after trying, failing, giving up and, finally, quitting giving up, I discovered my “niche.”

I observe, I try new things, notice life’s details and I write them down.  I find things that inspire me, and I share them. Writing is my art, and over the years I’ve noticed that art is richer when the non-art part of life is full.

So, I suppose Ferre Me is my creative journal.

A little about me.  I’m quirky (I’ve been described as odd, but I tend to prefer quirky).  I live in the country with my husband, two kids, three cats and thirteen chickens.  I’m a homeschooling mom, introvert, wannabe homesteader, chauffeur, avid reader, fitness enthusiast, and debater of controversial topics.  I love laughter and learning, books and beautiful things – and I’m very happy to meet you.

Welcome to Ferre Me ♥