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Book of the Month Sweepstakes Winner Announced

Book of the Month Sweepstakes Winner Announced

First of all, a huge thank-you to all of you who entered in the Ferre Me Book of the Month Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Terri of Whimsical Moon Farms on being randomly chosen to receive a copy of Christina Baker Kline’s latest novel, A Piece of the World.

Terri owns and operates an herb farm amid the cornfields of Indiana.  At WhimsicalMoonFarmBlog, she blogs about her journey “with herb-crafting and establishing an herb farm while living seasonally and whimsically.”

On her most recent post, Harvesting Gratitude on the Farm, Terri recounts how the past few months have presented several challenges. Rather than become entrenched in an emotional rut, she and her daughter, Kayla, embarked on an unequivocally successful quest to unearth all the things for which they could be thankful.  Please click on over and explore her corner of the world and, while you’re there, why not leave an encouraging word?

In addition, Terri’s herb-crafts are featured and available for purchase at Check out her Whimsical Spice Soap and Garden Mint Rosemary Sugar Scrub.

Stay tuned for the August 2017 book to be announced!

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