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Relaxed blogging – myth or reality?

Relaxed blogging – myth or reality?

Hi guys.  Today I’d like to talk about something that’s been grinding my gears for weeks.

I’ve been blogging since May with an elephant on my chest.  Like so many other new bloggers, I did my due diligence and spent a bunch of time researching how to start and run a blog.  In an effort to avoid recreating the proverbial wheel, I wanted to glean from Those Who Came Before.

Can you say crestfallen?  From posting same-time-every-day (or experience a mass exodus) to SEO (still hazy on this, but I downloaded Yoast like a good little blogger and am muddling through – and now I’m reading that SEO is dead or dying and…do we hold a memorial?) to Social Media (!) to finding a niche, I am frankly just exhausted.

Doesn’t anyone just, like, write and hang out?  Must the answer be the Gigantic Blogging Plan that threatens to suffocate those of us who also work and keep house and raise children and chickens and plan menus and tend gardens and…

Deep breaths.

Anyway, after some digging and some serendipity, I’m thrilled to report that YES! there are bloggers – even successful ones – who engaged in lite blogging.  They don’t stress over SEO or shell out thousands or join Tailwind tribes (what on earth!?).  Sure, they still interact, whether via other blogs or social media, because that’s what it’s all about, right?  But maybe, for us, there is freedom from the all-consuming Blogging Plan.

So, if you’re a new blogger like me, or an old (seasoned?) blogger longing for the good ol’ days, here are three bloggers who are thriving without the use of a Great and Powerful Blogging Plan. Click the links for their respective thoughts on what I’m calling Relaxed Blogging.

Life, Family, Good Food – Maria is a relatively new blogger, and a hilarious writer with a fanTAStic attitude.  She, like me, dutifully did her blogging homework, learned all the things she absolutely must do if she ever hopes to be successful, and she altogether rejected them.  Masterful SEO manipulation matters not to her.  She will succeed because she’s got skills, a great personality and because she adores her readers and colleagues alike.

The Captain’s Speech – I found Paul’s blog on the WordPress Discover site.  In his post, Reflecting on Four Years of Blogging, he talks about how he tried to follow the formulas, he tried to stick to a niche, but it wasn’t until he dropped the professional-blogger facade and bled words onto the page that he found his way.  He started writing from his heart, and he never looked back.  His story is absolutely worth a read.

Suzie Speaks – Suzie’s been at it since 2013 and, after reading her post on How to Simplify and Authentically Grow Your Blog Without Spending Money, I felt light as a little red balloon swept into a summer breeze.  THIS is what I’d been looking for: a successful blogger who stuck to her guns and is kind enough to share her fount of knowledge with all us newbies fumbling around in the dark.

So, whether you’re a lost neophyte like me, or an experienced blogger tired of the madness, I hope you’ll find these posts as encouraging as I did.  Maybe we don’t have to choose an underwater-welding niche to differentiate ourselves, or spent 7.6 hours/day on social media…maybe we can just lay our hearts on the page and be ourselves and explore ideas and spew run-on sentences from time to time.  And then – even then – find new friends.

Photo credit: Ben30 via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

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