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New Blog Ferre Me Launches Book-of-the-Month Sweepstakes

New Blog <i>Ferre Me</i> Launches Book-of-the-Month Sweepstakes

Here at Ferre Me, we love laughter and learning, books and beautiful things.

We also love our readers.

a piece of the worldWith that in mind, we’re launching the Ferre Me Book-of-the-Month Sweepstakes as our way of saying thanks for subscribing.  We figure, if you’re here, then you must love reading, too, so each month we’ll announce a new giveaway title and give each new subscriber a chance to win.

This month’s pick is A Piece of the World: A Novel by Christina Baker Kline.  You’ll find details on the sweepstakes page, but the Cliff’s Notes description is that Baker Kline expertly weaves history, art and fiction into a haunting and beautiful work that celebrates and breathes life into artist Andrew Wyeth’s famed painting, Christina’s World.  We’ve read it, and we adore it.

So, if you’re checking out Ferre Me, you like what you see and you’re planning to stick around, then head on over to the Sweepstakes page for more information.

What's your take?