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Finally snapped a pic of our spying chick, and starting a fun-fact series

Finally snapped a pic of our spying chick, and starting a fun-fact series

SNED (Something New Every Day – what is this?)
I’m tinkering with my blog’s focus, and I’m thinking it would be fun to share some of the fun facts we’re learning.  What do you think, yay or nay?  Would look something like this:

Ancient Acrobatics
In ancient Minoan Crete, athletically-inclined kids were trained in the art (?!) of bull-jumping.  According to Wikipedia, “when the leaper grasps the bull’s horns, the bull will violently jerk his neck upwards giving the leaper the momentum necessary to perform somersaults…”  In related news, the average life-span of a bull-jumper was 20 years.  And, lest you think the art (!?) of bull-jumping went the way of the dodo, it’s still a thing in the south of France, except they use cows.  And grown-ups.  *shudder*

Meet Luna, our peeping tom-chicken.

News from the Coop
A few weeks ago I posted about how one of our hens repeatedly flies the coop and races across the yard to stand on our back patio and peer inside.  My camera-shy Barred Rock finally let me snap her selfie.  Clearly, she considers herself a house chicken.  Six months ago I would have laughed at the prospect, but every time she shows up I’m increasingly tempted to open the door.  What do you think, should we let her in? 😉

Around Westonia
Can’t believe I’m saying it, but I miss the snow.  Our polar spell has passed, and everything is brown and gray and wet and gross.  To counter the blahs, we found a new (new to us, anyway; we don’t have cable) cooking show, Pati’s Mexican Table.  Pati is fascinating.  She’s an accomplished political analyst and Latin American Studies expert turned food expert.  We binge-watched several episodes.  Her personality lights up the screen, and her stories about and tours through Mexico satisfy that ever-present Midwesterner desire to escape to someplace warm – if only for 22 minutes.  Her episode on molletes with pico (a wonderful combo of baguette, refried beans, cheese and pico-de-gallo) inspired us to run out and buy the ingredients.  Huge hit here.

That’s it for today.  Dryer’s beeping.  I’m trying a new laundry method in which I start one load every morning, dry it late-morning, then fold and put away late afternoon.  So far so good, especially after I added Chai Rooibos tea and a piece of dark chocolate to the fold-and-put-away part.

Have a great day!

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