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Free meal planning template + updating around the house

Free meal planning template + updating around the house

S.N.E.D. (What is SNED?)
“The hobbit, Frodo, set out on a great adventure.”  In grammar, do you know what the word in bold is called?  It’s an appositive.  An appositive is a noun or noun phrase, typically set off by commas, that renames the noun beside it.  Never knew.  To quote Joan Didion, “Grammar is a piano I play by ear.”

News from the Kitchen
Last week, I mentioned I’ve been rocking the weekly meal plan.  Okay, maybe rocking is too strong a word.  Still, mapping out a complete weekly meal plan has really ratcheted down the food-stress level around here.  Once I have a few solid, share-worthy plans completed, I’m hoping to post them here.  In the interim, because I’ve yet to find a meal-plan template that works for me, I’ve created one that you’re welcome to use.  Here’s what I added that’s helpful to me:

  • Fill in the day.  Because I try to shop on Fridays but, since I exist in a three-ring circus, there’s no telling when I might actually get to a store.
  • Space for A.M and P.M. Snacks.  I don’t know why, but my kids LOVE this feature.  Every morning they race to the fridge to find out what’s for snack.  Hey, I aim to please.  *puzzled shrug*
  • A space to note items to thaw and to bake, because unless it’s in front of me I will absolutely forget, and I hate sink-thawing chicken breasts at 6:00 p.m.
  • A space for notes, such as where is that chicken enchilada recipe?  Pinterest?  A cookbook?  Some obscure-but-fabulous website?  Mostly, the recipes I use are online, so I’m hoping to create grids that are totally link-able and re-usable.

Anyway, here’s a simple, free Ferre Me Meal Plan Template for you to download.  Let me know what you think!

Ferre Me Meal Plan Template


Around Westonia
My husband and I have been in our current house for almost 15 years.  It’s an open floor plan, and the paint color, called Diffused Light (read: daffodil yellow), HAS TO GO!  Seriously folks, it’s me or the paint color.  So we talked about either the idea of moving (my idea), or staying and working our way through an overhaul (his idea).  And really, while once upon a time I was a free spirit flitting from here to there, we built this house, our children were born here, my grandmother gifted us the beloved lilac bush growing beside the porch…yeah, I’m not going anywhere.  I love this place.  Just not the paint color.

Why, oh why, did we ever pick this color? Then again, 15 years of ANY color is probably enough.

We’re DIY folks on a budget, so I’m hammering out a plan to rework things space by space.  As an aside, I have no interior design training (is there a level zero?  negative one?), and will be drawing inspiration and guidance from Pinterest as well as my favorite bloggers.  Why?  Because I’m bound and determined to figure out this staging/styling thing.  I’m also slightly color blind, so this should be interesting.

Starting in February, we’re kicking things off with the entry way.  Here’s a before pic so you can fully appreciate the seriousness of this yellow.  I hope you’ll follow along as I fumble my way through this project.

Have a great weekend!

Photo credit: smilla4 on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC


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