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Inspiring Finds – 6 more ideas to feed your inner artist

Inspiring Finds – 6 more ideas to feed your inner artist

Each Tuesday I share a little round-up of things that inspire me, with the hopes of also inspiring you. From current to classic, from kitchen to closet to journal, here are a 6 right-brain engaging finds and ideas to help you stoke your own creative fire.

This post contains an affiliate link; however, all opinions are always my own.

To Eat
Snicker’s Cupcakes from Life, Love and Sugar
This one’s for a day when you have some time to just putter about in the kitchen and surround yourself with deliciousness.  Why?  Because you’re gonna make the dark chocolate batter from scratch, then a filling that includes caramel and marshmallows; then a peanut butter icing; a chocolate glaze and finally a huge hunka Snicker on top.  Then, grab one and cozy up with a good book…

To Read
Pride and Prejudice (affiliate link) by Jane Austen
When I reluctantly read Pride and Prejudice a few years ago, I muddled through the first chapter was both challenged and riveted.  The prose is from a different era and, though tough at first, you’ll soon settle in and begin to “speak the language.” The masterful way in which Austen portrays strong-willed Elizabeth Bennett and distant Mr. Darcy conjures up our favorite multi-faceted characters that exist today (though without the petticoats and ascots), and perhaps exist within us, if we’re willing to admit it.  Austen spins a tale of thwarted love, in which both parties are simultaneously right and wrong.  How is that possible?  Read and find out 😉

Then, reward yourself not with the Keira Knightley movie, but with the BBC miniseries.  This version’s script follows the book nearly verbatim, and the acting is to. die. for.  That, and it’s longer, which means more binge-watching-ice-cream-devouring sessions of delight.

To Make
How to Make and Distress Mason Jars from Making it in the Mountains
This is my kind of project.  Seriously, the supply list is literally four items long, including the mason jar.  Follow the simple instructions and transform a vessel for pickled green beans into a Fixer Upper worthy vase.

To Plant
A Simple Guide to Growing Strawberries from Angie the Freckled Rose
First of all, can we just take a moment to adore the name of this blog?  Thank you.  Now, imagine waking early to work on your latest creative project, but first strolling into the yard to pick a bowl of fresh strawberries.  Strawberries are happy in massive garden bends and in compact patio pots so, whether you’re urban or rural, Angie will walk you through everything you need to know to cultivate these juicy gems.

To Watch
Creative Work is Like Working Out from John Spencer
On his website, Spencer tells us he believes that all people are naturally creating.  I fully agree.  In his motivating video (linked above), he explains how creative work is like working out.  I agree with this, too, because, for starters, I loathe starting a workout – but I never regret finishing one.  If you’re waiting for your muse to show up, stop waiting and watch this video.

To Try
Go for a screen-free stroll
This one’s easy.  Go for a twenty-minute walk wherever you like, but NO DEVICES.  Sorry for shouting, but I tried this recently and it was way tougher than I expected to just be silent and alone with my thoughts.  Nothing wrong with my thoughts; they’re perfectly adequate thoughts, it’s just that…  Anyway.  Pick a route and just go, walk fast, walk slow, dance a little singin-in-the-rain-style jig if you like, just leave the devices at home.  It’s entirely possible that you’ll have an epiphany along the way, so I suppose you can carry a notepad if you have to.

Check back next week for more Inspiring Finds.

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